Feb, ’15

365 days of art

With my – sometimes very – fuzzy head, I really need a calendar to check the date. When I go upstairs in the morning to have breakfast, I’m happy to see a new picture on my wall everyday. My 2015 art calendar serves me 365 days of yummy photography, paintings, graphic designs and illustrations from Rotterdam. This year 9 (!) Roth-artists are featured in the calendar.

Melanie Drent (who’s with me in the picture at the calendar’s launch – thanks to Erik for the lovely shot), Erika Harberts, Gwen Stok of Trompette de la Mort, Diana van der Voort, Evalien Lang, Sanne van Winden, Maaike Wijnands: they can all be found on the pages of the 2015 calendar. It’s 3 kilo’s of paper, stuffed with the newest artwork from Rotterdam.

The first one of the Roth-group to come by is Natasa Heydra (on February 9). She made a beautiful drawing of – how appropriate – a ‘calendar girl’. Lately Natasa has been working on these fashionable patterns in bright colors. The picture is layered with walls and curtains in the background – or foreground, perhaps. Her girl is posing confidently either way. Look at Natasa’s portfolio to find more drawings like this one.

2015 art calendar - Calendar Girl by Natasa Heydra

I’ll definitely have a wonderful day, watching this picture whenever I sit down at the kitchen table. And I can’t wait for the next Roth-members to come by either. I’ll keep you updated on their works!

Did you want one yourself? The calendar is almost sold out; only some of the better bookstores will still have a few. You can check the overview of alle the artists pages at the publishers website. And make sure you’ll grab one next year!