About Roth

Roth Illustration started out in 2015. A bunch of very talented Rotterdam based illustration artists came together and decided to present themselves as a group. Zita Bebenroth is the founder and the connection between the individual artists. With an eye for both commercial and editorial use of illustration, she wants to put a mark in the world that shows happiness, inspiration and a unique, personal feel. If the work doesn’t touch your soul, it’s not Roth.

On this blog and illustration website you’ll find stories on how illustration conquers the world. Zita will tell you everyday aspects of her life, but there’s always the connection to beautiful illustration – whether it’ll be the new packaging of the bakery around the corner or a child’s doodle.

The images used on this website are produced by Roth-artists or refer to connecting projects. You can contact Zita for more information about commissions.

Enjoy the stories and images, and spread the word: conquer the world by illustration!