Apr, ’15

Adorable cookie containers

Got the munchies? Even though I try to stay away from too much sweetness, I couldn’t resist these joyful cookie containers at the Paperchase flagship store in London. They make a fun and practical way to store Lego bricks as well! The largest one – the friendly lion – is actually really big. Think cinema popcorn, mega size.

Paperchase stack of cookie containers Paperchase cookie containers

Illustration is everywhere. On our childrens’ toys and books, on the menu of your favorite restaurant, on the city walls, in fashion, magazines and stationery. What I really love is that more and more illustration is coming to home decor as well. In the kitchen, on sofa cushions, wallpapers and lighting: illustration seems to be the way to create a unique, authentic feel to any interior. So with our agency, we certainly focus on interior design.

Check out these remarkable, delicious lamps by Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva (of Trompette de la Mort): he made one for his son, and now everyone wants one. Can you blame them? They’re painted by hand, by the way. So be a bit patient when you order one yourself.

Lamp by Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva

The lamps come in different designs, you can even ask for your favorite animal. Bruno’s drawings are so fine lined and detailed; your kid (or you!) will spend hours watching the feathers on the wings, or the scales on the fish.

Back to the kitchen. Of course, nice cookie containers need excellent cookies in them. Thanks to Erika Harberts we ate these homemade moustaches at our latest Roth meeting! Fortunately some were left over… so now I can store them in style.

Homemade moustache cookies by Erika Harberts

I might have an obsession with containers, ’cause I took these home as well… On the train, that is (not the best suitcase material). They’re cute though, aren’t they?

Plastic containers by Paperchase