Drawing the news

For 6 weeks now Melanie Drent has been drawing the news. About Rotterdam, Holland – for publication on news blog Vers Beton. And it has been a blast.

Every week Melanie and I sit together and discuss all items that pass on the news blog: politics, trends, events and discussions. Then we decide which way to go with the illustration. We always look for a new insight, a humorous twist; something new and fresh. With a critical vision on what happens in Rotterdam. Because that’s exactly what Vers Beton (‘fresh concrete’) stands for. Their slogan is ‘for the hard-thinking Rotterdammer’ – and I love it.

Let’s do a quick recap of these past 6 weeks: we started out with the ‘gardening hipsters‘, followed by a new club opening and we stirred the social city dynamics in the big ‘carrier bike’ (bakfiets) discussion. Then we took it slow with the original restyling of the Van Maanenbad swimming pool, made a huge jump on the Rotterdam train station ‘closed fences-policy’ and supported the remembrance of the start of World War II in Rotterdam 75 years ago. Wow. What an energetic weeks we had.

Overview Melanie Drent for Vers Beton
I really want to thank Melanie Drent for her awesome work every week. She is so great at pinpointing a subject, making it her own and then taking it to the next level. She will do so for any magazine, or any newspaper – she’s just very talented and fast. And fun to work with!

The black and white ink drawings – her trademark – really transfer well to the screen. On either a large sized desktop or the tiniest phone, it pops out. One clear line tells it all; Melanie new that all along.

Exited about us drawing the news? Keep following our blog or Vers Beton for new updates every week. We’ll make sure to surprise you.