Great fun: Rotterdampas

Every year in March the new season of the famous ‘Rotterdampas‘ starts. It’s a discount pass full of fun, and especially when you have kids, you need it to do tons of great stuff. With a huge discount or for free, that is.

With the pass comes a magazine, every quarter, in which the organization sums up the newest and greatest attractions that can be done. A day at the Zoo, playing endlessly at cool adventure park Plaswijck, watching movies for free in every cinema we have in town… The Rotterdampas is surely a highly attractive friend to have!

For the kids section in the magazine (‘Dikke pret’, great fun) Diana van der Voort drew some lovely illustrations. Sweet and friendly, in her well known black-and-white style. Skeleton bunny is ready to take you on adventures of his own. And it’s almost Easter, so you get the chicks in there too!

There’s a fun riddle to play and an opportunity to win the stuffed skeleton bunny. Rotterdampas is great, no matter what time of year!

Thanks to IN10 for working with us on this assignment.

Puzzle Rotterdampas magazine - Illustration by Diana van der Voort

Winactie Skeleton bunny - by Diana van der Voort