Home and Garden illustrated

Forever summer. Based on that feeling – a gentle sun shining softly over falling leaves, the spirit of blooming flowers – art director Monique van der Vlist put together a magazine article for Home and Garden. And she asked Sanne van Winden of Roth Illustration Agency to tell about her inspiration en show some artwork. Stunning!

“Nature inspired me throughout my life”, Sanne says in the magazine. In one painting you can see a woman’s figure merging into the floral background, like she’s not really there. It’s a theme Sanne has been exploring since 2009, and she comes up with different combinations each time. You can really tell she’s also a pattern designer (at Vlisco): different shapes and colors move together perfectly. It’s an organic dance of wonderful elements of nature.

“Flowers are perfect in itself”, Sanne says: “I don’t want to copy them. I just want to capture their spirit.” The wild flowers of her illustration seem to walk away from the page, right into the fresh fields. The illustration shows a lovely combination of colour and form, airy like a summer breeze.

Flowers by Sanne van Winden for Home and Garden - Roth Illustration Agency

We thank art director Monique van der Vlist (of Happy Makers Blog) very much – and of course Dutch magazine Home and Garden – for this interview and showcase of Sanne’s work. We love the inspiration that comes from nature and how all the stories and images in Home and Garden embrace that feeling.

Meanwhile, I’m so happy to support Sanne’s talent in the agency! I’m sure you’ll get to see much and much more of her work. Very soon.

Do you love flowers as much as Sanne? Tell me which ones are your favorite!