Feb, ’15

Home candy

Walking through a candy shop, that’s what ShowUP feels like. This trade show for Home & Gift is all about getting inspired, checking out new colors and styles and meeting great people.

Of course I looked mostly at the (Dutch) illustration work, apart from the many colored cushions and vases, handbags, childrens clothing and some jewelry. I’ll walk you through it, with some of my favorite designers and new discoveries. Maaike Wijnands and I went together. Look at her, lounging in these great wooden chairs!

Maaike Wijnands at ShowUp

First I met Ninke of NorsuStories. A very fun and crisp new brand from the Hague, with wild animals in fashionable pastels. Ninke looks for animals with a special story, she says: like the flamingo getting pink from eating prawns and the panda sleeping up a tree during the day (really!). With a cuddly bear in it’s paws, of course. This way children will get to know a little bit more about the animals in their room, while looking at nice pictures!

Norse Stories panda bear poster


Norse Stories detail


Then I ran into Jurianne Matter. She really is one of the finest Dutch designers, with years of experience in making special paperwares. Beautiful and graphic, with cutouts for carrying a light, able to float on water: her paper boats and lamps are simply gorgeous. At the trade show she revealed her newest product, a wonderful tea towel with her typical style graphics. It comes in two varieties: ‘Spore’ (the trace of a mushrooms’ hat) and ‘Look up’ (a palette of branches against the sky). And the best thing is that all of her work is sustainable. The tea towels are produced eco and people friendly, with organic cotton and Fairtrade label. Hurray for Jurianne!

Lantern by Jurianne Matter

Jurianne Matter

Tea towels by Jurianne Matter

Jurianne Matter

Finally I stepped by Deborah van de Leijgraaf, better known as Bora. Her colorful designs really stood out in the room: bright, sparkling and cheerful. I think every kid will love those fun wallpapers! She told me her illustrations for fabrics and childrens clothes go all over the world. Deborah certainly is very talented at pattern making. I’m so happy I got to know her work!

Postcards by Bora


Poster by Bora


More postcards by Bora


Of course, I talked to many many more awesome designers. Like Angema of Papiergoed, where you can find fun boxes and do-it-yourself paperwares. Have your child build it’s own shop with unique groceries and goodies!

Stand by Papiergoed


I also came across Dig&Mig, a fresh brand with retro style childrens’ room accessories.

Lamps by Dig & Mig

Dig & Mig

So… there’s too much to tell, too much to show – which makes ShowUP definitely worth a visit. I can imagine next time we’ll put Diana van der Voort, Sanne van Winden, Erika Harberts and Maaike Wijnands together to create our own pop-up store for the trade show. They would be the perfect designers to show gift wrapping, stationery and calendars (Sanne), cool cuddly toys and childrens’ clothing (Diana), dolls, tea towels and fabric gifts (Erika) and postcards (Maaike). Will you visit us then?