Dec, ’14

Enter the Illusive Sanatorium

This weekend the first exhibition of Trompette de la Mort opened in Rotterdam. Artistic duo Gwen Stok and Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva decided to work together for several months and this is their remarkable result: incredibly detailed, bizarre, symbolic, intense, surrealistic and imaginative drawings.


By the title ‘Illusive Sanatorium’ their work was shown at Unit 20, a nice and small gallery in the city centre. The work will be presented there till February 12th, so hurry if you want to check it out in full force.

Everybody loved the work: people just couldn’t stop looking at the big sized drawings, full of detail. We tried to find out which parts were made by Bruno and which by Gwen, but it was hard to tell.


My favorite work was definitely the ‘Illusive Sanatorium’ itself, constructed of a big Alice in Wonderland-like house with legs and animal faces sticking out. When you’re up close, you’ll be amazed by the lovely drawing technique and infinite amount of detail you’ll find in the work.

Some smaller works were awesome too, like Canary and Lobo, which are featured in their Roth portfolio. Have a look and decide for yourself!

Canary by Trompette de la Mort

Some folding screens lit up the room as well. T-shirts and fine art prints – including the original drawings – will be for sale at the NAME Gallery pop-up store in Amsterdam. Get them while you can!