Apr, ’15

Kings Day is coming

Every year in Holland we celebrate ‘Kings Day’ – which used to be Queens Day, but now we have king Willem-Alexander and his fashionable wife Maxima. The best thing to do on that day (when almost everyone is free from work) is treasure hunting on flea markets; but there is a lot more. Nail pooping (‘spijkerpoepen’) for example is perfectly normal on that day. And biting cake hanging from a rail (‘koekhappen’). And sack racing (‘zaklopen’). It is mostly meant for children, but even the royal family practices these old Dutch games. And then we watch them on tv. People get really drunk too by the way, so Kings Day usually shows a lot of inspiring, crazy and tragic situations.
Kings Day badge Willem Alexander by Evalien Lang Let me show you how Evalien Lang illustrated al these weird Dutch traditions over the past few years; some of the images have been published before (in newspaper Het Parool). It is so much fun to see the decent royal people in these awkward positions. Evalien really is a master at addressing social issues in a humorous and bold way. With great style though, it never gets to corny. Her texts make it funny as well.

Kings Day crown by Evalien Lang   Kings Day tompouce by Evalien Lang

The images give great insight in Dutch traditions, which might seem crazy, but still remain active every year. Our new king tries to transform a little bit though… He prefers listening to classical concerts and visiting a museum on Kings Day. That’s the way he wants to educate his three daughters. So, maybe these illustrations will be a memory of old times someday! But I’m guessing this year will be just the same as the ones portrayed by Evalien. Take a shot at the inevitable grab bag (‘grabbelton’)!

Kings Day with Maxima by Evalien   Kings Day Orange Fever By Evalien Lang

Kings Day old Ducth dj by Evalien Lang