Jan, ’15

Let’s toast!

It seems kind of funny to describe the launch of a new website on the website itself, but I feel I have to celebrate this very special day – the moment that our agency actually came to life.

It wasn’t very well planned, to tell you the truth. As I finished the last details of everyone’s portfolio in the past few days and woke up this morning, I just knew: we’re ready. Let’s conquer the world by illustration!

Months of hard work, talking sessions with the illustration artists and selecting the right images suddenly seemed far away. As if it was written in stone: this is our signature and so it’ll be.

When we launched the site (thanks to Arie at Apert Kreatieve Produkties for some last minute action), Melanie Drent – who designed the Roth logo and is also a Roth artist – and I decided to open up a bottle of champagne. Always have one waiting in the fridge, right? The cork came out with a great bang and a lot of overflow, which was a good thing. It ain’t a party if the bubbles don’t pop.

What a day. The reactions to the agency’s philosophy and artwork have been so warm and rewarding. It is everything the illustration artists of Roth deserve. Thanks guys, for sharing this day with us! And now: let’s have another one.

More champagne