Feb, ’16

Message in a bottle

Are you fond of our very talented Rotterdam illustrators? And do you want to look at, hold, or even own their work? Get ready for this fully packed, luxuriously printed, high weight paper nine postcard-set by Roth Illustration. Send these beauties out and spread the love!

Allright, a message in a bottle – so to speak. That would be lovely, right? But a bit unpractical too. To make sending the message to your loved ones much easier, Maaike Wijnands illustrated a bottled ship and we printed it on nice thick white paper for you. Great fun to send out on any occasion.

And guess what: all of our finest Rotterdam illustration artist are put together in this nine piece postcard set. So, you get them all at once. For 10 euros only – including shipping in Europe. Just drop us an e-mail and we’ll ship it to you!

Designs by: Erika Harberts, Diana van der Voort, Jort van der Jagt, Sanne van Winden, Esther Dijkstra, Maaike Wijnands, Trompette de la Mort, Evalien Lang, Natasa Heydra

Wrapped postcards - Roth Illustration Agency

Wrapped postcards - Roth Illustration Agency