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Hi, I’m Zita. On Roth Illustration I’ll give you my vision on how illustration conquers the world. Please tell me yours!

As a writer, a communication specialist and a big fan of illustration work, I decided to kick-start this website and share some beautiful pearls with everyone else. All connected artists are based in Rotterdam, the best city in the world. And they’re very talented.

You can invite our artists to help you find the right appearance for your releases. All Roth artists have a broad background and are very experienced in their own area of work, from licensing in textile design and home decor to graphic concepts for magazine covers and editorial illustration.

Please give us an idea of what you need and make an appointment to check out the artists’ work in full force. We’ll be happy to present their illustrations in any way you want.

Use our Roth talents for enhancing book pages and covers, product releases, magazine issues, newspapers, interior design, textile design, posters, campaigns, home deco, gifts, murals, websites, restaurant menus, album covers, stationery… anything you can think of.

Can’t wait to meet you!