Jun, ’15

Painting on the wall

Hey there, you edgy and trendy shop owner. Or new and fancy dinner place. What do your walls look like? I guess not as smashing as the one in the GM Raven shop in Utrecht, where you’ll find a spectacular mural by Trompette de la Mort. They’ll fix one for you too. Easy as that.

At GM Raven you’ll get spoiled with the finest suits and scarves. The linings and patterns are designed by different artists; so you choose the work that attracts you the most. And then the suit is made to measure. How cool is that?

New talents to be featured in the GM Raven clothing line are Gwen and Bruno of Trompette de la Mort. I’m sure you’ve seen their incredible illustrations in black and white ink. Their work is scary, uneasy, unreal – but oh so very beautiful. They even added a touch of colour this time.

Heart shaped jellyfish by Trompette de la Mort
Look at the ‘heart shaped jellyfish’ for example: they have elegant tentacles and flow graciously through space. But at the same time, their colour is intense and the heart makes you wonder who it belongs to.

The black ravens in the pattern design – side by side with some warm-coloured flowers – are probably up to no good. You can create your own imaginary world, inspired by Trompette de la Mort. I’m sure whoever will wear the suit or the scarf will feel strong and powerful.

Black ravens by Trompette de la Mort
Finally, the painting on the wall shows ravens too. They’re hooked on diamonds – as ususal. To see them so big and lusty is very intriguing. You just have to watch them in the eye…

So, whenever you’re in Utrecht, stop by the GM Raven shop; in the meantime, take a look at the designs online and the other drawings by Trompette de la Mort. Be careful though: they will head out to your store or restaurant and paint the hell out of it.