Aug, ’15

Summer holiday illustrations (part 2)

Did you have a great summer? I’m sure Evalien Lang did too – although you could think otherwise, seeing these great summer holiday illustrations. In these works, you’ll recognize the big holiday stress factors like traveling for hours, getting sunburned and having a hard time getting adjusted to the slow life that comes with vacation. Evalien Lang is an excellent illustrator, who captures these funny and subtle situations in a great creative way.

Typical holiday issues
You know the type: the mom that holds on to her agenda and time schedule, even on the beach. The young girl that stays in the sun all day, and ends up more red than tanned. And then the expectations that come with the adventure: the scary jungle excursion, which you felt you should take. The nervous stomach feeling when you get on a plane. And the amount of alcohol you take in to prevent the growing anxiety.

Take a close look at these works by Evalien Lang and enjoy her great sense of humour! And ask her to capture your most painful situations in new summer holiday illustrations… Memories, anyone?

These drawings of Evalien were published before in Dutch Newspapers Het Parool en de Telegraaf.

Evalien Lang - How to prevent stress and arguments

How to prevent stress and arguments in the family? Everyone stay in your own spot, don’t mess around, and don’t forget – holiday is working hard as well. So keep a tight time schedule (in the drawing it says: “From 10 to 12 we’ll be building sand castles and then it’s time for eating ice cream for 4.5 minutes”)!

Eavlien Lang - Summer holiday illustrations

On the left: folding your own paper plane. With people in it, Superman on the side and lots of bags to carry around.
On the right: ‘Only the flies are tame here’, or: how to survive in the jungle.

Evalien Lang - Summer holiday illustrations

On the left: instructions on how to have intercourse on the plane.
On the right: ‘Frequent Drinkers Safety Instructions’, or: always keep your glass of red wine in the upright position.

onderweg naar Frankrijk

It’s a long way to the south of France, jiiihaaaa!
Only 35.467 seconds to go… AA-RG-GG (says the license plate).