The sustainable solution

Sometimes it’s just all very clear. Companies need to make profit, the earth has to be saved and people must live and work in the best way possible. But in that scenario, something’s got to give. The magazine P+ tells us all about sustainable solutions for everyday problems.

And in this issue (March/April/May 2015) Esther Dijkstra was asked to think creatively about the tax system. The article in P+ describes solutions and opens the debate on wether the tax system offers sustainable choices. What is good and what is bad? It can not be defined so easily. ‘Good for you’ might not be healthy for the environment or may conflict with social issues. The rich will get richer, the poor will… well, you know. It’s a tricky subject no-one will burn their hands on.

Esther Dijkstra for P+ magazine on sustainable taxes

Dirt tax

But, we’re not here to do politics. As you can see, Esther is a very talented illustrator, so she chose to portray both situations: the common standard and the more sustainable way to organise taxes as society. Her work is not too serious, as you would expect with such a challenge – it’s actually a lot of fun. I totally dig the rich guy with his money suit and underpants. Being almost naked, he makes you think about what is enough – how much money do we really need?

Esther Dijkstra for P+ magazine on sustainable taxes

High income tax

I certainly enjoyed this article. Ans it’s our first agency commission, too! We will have lots more to follow.

Esther Dijkstra for P+ magazine on sustainable taxes

Cheap labour, more jobs