Mar, ’15

Vintage illustrations

I love children’s books from the sixties and seventies. The vintage illustrations are so nice. With lots of colour, great characters and fine drawings. So on a slow and rainy day in the past week I dove into my book closet and found some gorgeous illustrations to share.

My most favorite vintage book is from 1971, before I was born. It’s called ‘The Little Slipper Man‘ (Het pantoffelmannetje), and it’s about a little man who is invisible. Once he finds slippers to walk with, people notice he’s there. Eventually he loses his slippers and becomes invisible again. Then the slippers make a lovely bed for the owls in their tree.

The little invisible slipper man - vintage illustrations

Owls - vintage illustrationsAnother of my most cherished books is one by the famous illustration artist Alain Grée. You see his vintage illustrations everywhere nowadays, but this book ‘Peter behind the wheel‘ (Peter achter het stuur) is a real early work. It’s from 1966 and you can see there’s a lot of detail to the drawing of people. Actually the tale is not that great – it’s a bit brave – but I’ll keep this book nevertheless, because of it’s beautiful pictures.

Peter behind the wheel - Alain Grée - vintage illustrations

Peter behind the wheel - Alain Grée - vintage illustrationsAlso, this clock-book (‘Mijn eerste klok’) is on my keepers list of vintage illustrations. Actually it’s teaching my children the time now. I really like the bold colours and happy scenery. Life is so simple when you know when the train arrives, when school starts and when you have to go to sleep.

Clock book cover - vintage illustrations

Clock book inside - vintage illustrationsFinally, on my shelf there’s ‘Olidin‘, a book full of stories and puzzles. There’s more to read then there are pictures to see. But it doesn’t really matter: the outside looks so fabulous, I’ll never have to open the book anyway.

Hurray for vintage children’s books!

Collection of books - vintage illustrations