Weekly illustration on Vers Beton

‘Fresh concrete’ (Vers Beton), the online news magazine from Rotterdam, invited Roth Illustration Agency to do a weekly illustration column. Melanie Drent is a fast thinker who works with clear lines and has a humoristic style, so she was the right one for the job. Every week we define a subject together, and Melanie puts the ideas into a drawing. Title of our item is ‘Was getekend’ (was drawn), which refers to both the illustration and the message sender.

The first drawing was about ‘moestuinhipsters‘ (or vegetable garden hipsters), a new phenomenon in Rotterdam. They introduce a new kind of gardening in de urban surroundings: more ecological and sustainable, with a passion for forgotten vegetables and a different view on how we perceive and use nature. That makes for an interesting mix at the city’s gardening parks.

Melanie Drent on Vers Beton - moestuinhipsters

Stay tuned for more illustration work, coming up every Friday on Vers Beton!