Work Better

Remember that scene in the movie Fargo: someone is being pushed through the meat grinder to disappear forever. Suppose your boss would do so with everyone that annoys him? Esther Dijkstra illustrated accidents at work for P+ magazine – and how to work better.

A recent report on sustainability in the work place – paying attention to people, planet and profit – showed that companies integrate more and more aspects of the sustainable philosophy. The survey stated that they do so because they want to; but also because they think they need too, to participate in modern day society. Whatever the reason is, the growing number of companies that care for the environment and for the people that work in their offices and factories, is something to be applauded. Only in a safe, healthy, green and profitable way, we can make our businesses future-ready.

It’s great that P+ magazine addresses these themes and talks to inspiring people who live the story. Esther Dijkstra was asked to illustrate the article. She shows accidents in the work space – in a really terrible way, which makes it quite amusingĀ – and the scene after introducing the ‘stop’ button, and everyone can work safely. The second illustration is based on making people happy while doing their work. Maybe the disco lights will help…?

Esther Dijkstra for P+ - work better -  Roth Illustration Agency

Esther Dijkstra for P+ - work better - Roth Illustration Agency

Thanks to Jan Bom for giving Esther (almost) total freedom in portraying these issues, that’s a wonderful way to work together! Very sustainable, I would say.